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Our group of eight from the Waimea Tramping Club took about six hour to climb to the the tops of the Buckland Peaks to set up our tents for a two night stay. A perfect weather forecast provided us with an ideal opportunity to explore this rugged area of the northern Paparoa Range. Heavy rain earlier in the week provided us with plenty of  water from the multiple streams and tarns around the peaks. On our second day we explored the area around the tops and managed to sidle under the southern slopes to the ridgeline that joins the peaks to the rest of the Paparoa range to the south. Traversing this ridgeline to continue exploring further south was deemed a bit too "interesting" so we returned back the way we came and then up around the multiple peaks. There is a route from the eastern most high point down onto the ridgeline if a more adventurous party wanted to continue further south. This area provides fabulous sunsets and camping near the tops meant you didn't have far to climb to get the money shoots.