img 20220112 110755 6910 1200 900 80View SW down the upper reaches of Pussy Stream to the Hope river

A three day hike from Windy Point up the Hope river and over the Doubtful Range via Lake Man Biv and out to the Boyle Village via the Doubtful valley and Tui tracks. We stopped in at the Boyle River Outdoor Ed Centreas we had organised them to drop us off and park our car in their carpark thus saving us any breakins. Its a 18km relatively flat hike into St Jacobs hut with the initial section part of Te Araroa. (moving time 4.5hrs)  Day two had us travel approx. 3km up the valley before ascending Pussy stream. There is plenty of tree truck strewn about the stream bed but these were relatively easy to circumvent. A steep entry onto the spur had us working up a sweat before becoming easier from the 1000m contour. From here we had a steady ascent up thru the beech and then an easy sidle across to just above the saddle before another steep initial descent before a sidle to Lake Man biv. (moving time 3hrs) We found the 2 man biv in excellent condition and if we had more time would have liked to hike up to Lake Man approx 350m  higher up the valley. The track down the Kedron river valley was reasonably well marked but on reaching the Doubtful valley floor found the sandflies were furious!!! The Doubtful Hut offered some shelter from their persistent attacks but offered few other comforts other than new thick mattresses. Day three had us travel down the river and onto the terraces to cross a low Doubtful river and then up the boggy Tui track back to Boyle village.