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Track Details

Day One - Dart Ford to John Reid Hut - 4-6hrs, 13.3km, +1530m, -530m
Day Two - John Reid Hut to Skeet Saddle Campsite - 3.5-6hrs, +1000m, -955m
Day Three - Skeet Saddle to Cowen Spur - 2-4hrs, Coen Spur to Baton Valley Campsite -4-6hrs, Days Tot 14.6km, +1500m, -1740m  
Day Four - Baton Valley campsite to Roadend campsite - 4-6hrs, 13.4km, +660m, -1470m
Day Five - Baton Roadend Campsite to Elis Hut - 4-6hrs, 14.2km, +1550m, -670m
Day Seven - Elis Hut to Balloon Hut - 5-7hrs, 16km, +1350m, -1200m
Day Eight - Ballon Hut to Mt Peel and rteurn via Lake Peel - 3-4hrs, +780m, -780m
Day Nine - Ball Hut to Flora Roadend - 4-5hrs, +800m , -1100m

A great 9 day tramp along the Arthur Range from Rolling River to Flora accompanying an Auckland Tramping Club party. Similar to last year's North to South traverse we again encountered water issues with a number of dry tarns requiring dropping off the ridge for water. We had a bit of a grunt first up on a hot day with loaded packs to John Reid hut, but once on the tops on the following day the views gained much of our attention. There is a fair amount of sidling required and the undulating ridgeline has lots of rocky knobs to clamber over or around. We were forced off the tops due to lack of easily available water so dropped down the Baton and then back up to Ellis hut. We were hut bound here for a day due to rain but other than that we had good weather with very little wind. From Ellis hut we climbed over the shoulder of Mt Arthur and hiked up Mt Peel as a day trip from Balloon hut. A great trip for a fit and experienced party looking for plenty of tops travel.