Track Details

Day One - Baton Road End to Flanagans hut - 5-6hrs, 14km, +1300m,-560m

Day Two - Flanagan's Hut to Karamea Bend hut - 5-6hrs, 12.1km, +680m, -1350m

Day Three - Karamea Bend hut to Venus hut - 4-6hrs, 15.4km

Day Four - Venus hut to Trevor Carter hut - 3.5-5hrs, 14.2km  

Day Five - Trevor Carter hut to Stone hut via Biggs Tops - 4-6hrs, 7km, +1050m, -880m

Day SixStone hut to Kiwi Saddle hut via Mt Luna - 4.5-6hrs, 9.4km, +1100m

Day Seven - Kiwi Saddle hut to Rolling River - 4-6hrs, 18.4km

A week long winter tramp with the Glovers in Kahurangi Park starting with high rivers before having a number of blue sky days on the tops. Reversing our planned route because of a flooded ford we hiked up the Baton river to Flanagans hut. Then over the Baton Saddle to Karamea Bend, up the Karamea river to Trevor Carter hut and over Biggs Tops to a very cold Stone hut in the Wangapeka. Back up onto the top to climb Mt Luna before dropping down to Kiwi Saddle hut. Our intentions were to continue along the tops past Patriarch and descend Gibbs track to Rolling river but poor visibility had us exit via Kiwi track instead.

NOTE: The ford over the DART river that provides access to Rolling river often gets blocked and floods with easily.