Track Details

Day One - Roadend over Lead Hills to Campsite below Spot Height 1411 - 12hrs, 12km, +1700m, -890m 
Day Two - From campsite past Adelaide Tarn, dropping down to the Anatoki river and camping near SH 744 - 6hrs, 6.7km, +570m, -1120m
Day Three -Anatoki campsite past Lonely Lake to campsite at northern most tarn on the Lockett Range - 9.5hrs, 14.6km, +1950m, -1340m
Day Four - Campsite down Cobb valley to Roadend at Trilobite Hut - 4hrs, 14.2km, +150m, -680m

A demanding 4-6 day, 50km traverse of the Lead Hills and Douglas Ranges in Kahurangi National Park. The contrast between the crumbling peaks of the Lead Hills to the dawn chorus of the Anatoki river valley highlights why Kahurangi NP has such an attraction for trampers. The eyes are continually drawn to new vista as you climb over the next high point negating the effort required to get there. While there are a few small huts to stay at there are plenty of fabulous campsites with water nearby (albeit maybe just a small seepage). Our campsite on Day One had great views to the NE and a small water source nearby. Day Two's campsite was the opposite, next to Anatoki river where we could have a swim and enjoy the shade of the beech trees and the birdsong. Access to the Quartz Valley roadend is thru private land and permission is required. Contact the Doc office in Takaka for the latest contact details.