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Track Details

Day One - Owen Valley Roadend to Branch Creek Hut: 6-8hrs, 16.2km, +1050m, -450m
Day Two - Branch Creek Hut to Poverty Basin: 4-5hrs, 5km, +830m, -150m
Day Three - Poverty Basin over Mt Owen and out via Sunrise Peak: 6-9hrs, 11km, +430m, -1650m

A great 2-3 day tramp from the Owen Valley roadend up the Fyfe river to Branch Creek hut, over the Mt Owen Massif and exit via Sunrise Peak. Traversing the Mt Owen Massif requires good visibility to navigate thru the labyrinth of limestone slabs. The Owen river rises quickly making crossing a major issue so plan accordlingly. Our route is marked in red and the green route was a recce we did to the summit and to check out the route off the ridge down the scree slope. We found the route from the Mt Owen summit to Sunrise Peak was well cairned and easy to follow in good visibility.