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The 4 wheel drive access road to Inwood Lookout was much easier than expected, do-able in a two wheel drive vehicle on the day we were there. This road climbs up to just over 1000m and provides possibly the easiest and quickest access to the open tops in the Richmond Forest Park. With a patchy weather forecast and a late start our intentions were to explore as far as possible up the poled spur to Gordons Knob North Peak (SH 1564). Within ten minutes of leaving the car park we left the bushline behind crossing over Spot Height 1164 before dropping down to a saddle and then climbing up thru some scrub. There was a bit of a scramble and navigating our way around a few small areas of scree before getting above a rocky outcrop. From there on it was an easy walk up the spur to where the track travels NE towards Hunters Hut. We stopped here as we had encountered snow showers and then a cold, southerly wind ripping over the exposed tops. Luckily as we descended back down the spur the weather started to clear permitting views down to Golden Downs and the Motueka river. We were most impressed with the area and plan to return and spend a weekend hiking in to Hunters Hut and doing a side trip to Gordons Knob on the return trip.