F1000037 copy 3255We Jet boated from Makarora up the Wilkin to Kerin Forks Hut. Then off to Top Forks hut with a side trip up to Lake Castilia. We then climbed up Wilkin river south branch to Waterfall face where while eating lunch we checked out the route up the very steep face at the head of the valley. We were amazed to see someone climbing up the face next to the waterfall before bouncing approx 60m down the face and disappearing into a snow hole. We administered emergency first aid and organised evacuation by helicopter. Luckily this turned up just on dusk and extracted him to Dunedin hospital. It was an easy decision to not continue up Waterfall face and down Rabbit Pass. Instead we returned to Kerin Forks and explored the Siberia Valley with day trips to the top of the Gillespie Pass and to Lake Crucible. We then returned to Kerin Forks and got the jet boat back to Makarora.