Track Details

  • Porunui to Oamaru hut, 12km, 3.5hrs, Oamaru hut to Boyd Hut, 14km, 4-6hrs
  • Boyd hut to Tussock hut, 6km, 3hrs, Tussock to Harkness hut, 5.6km, 2.75hrs, Harkness hut to Te Puke Hut, 4km, 2.5-3hrs
  • Te Puke to Mangaturutu Hut, 7.2km, 2.75hrs, Mangaturutu Hut to Makino river swingbridge, 4km, 2hrs
  • Makino river swingbridge down the river to Te Pua Lodge, 3.5hrs, Te Pua Lodge to Roadend, 6.5km, 1.5-2hrs

Poronui Station to Makahu road via Venison Tops. A faster group should be able to cover the route in 4 days while a more leasurely pace could have you stretching it out to closer to a week. For those with little experience in river travel an alterative to the Makino river is to take the much slower and hillier route via Makino hut.

Transport is a problem but a two party cross-over or a club trip provides for cars at both ends...



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