Though not designated as a conservation park this, is of major interest for shorter day and overnight trips. It sits astride SH73, the Arthur's Pass Highway, and receives much more attention that its larger and more spectacular neighbours, particularly in the Porters Pass area where a large number of mostly unmarked routes lead to the high, bare tops.

The relatively benign nature of the landscape, largely tussock and scree, allows for many options to be taken for routes on and off the ranges.
Watersheds are small and easily negotiated (although there are only three valley huts) and pleasing combinations of ridge and river routes can be made in the space of just a day, especially, in summer. The park's pre-eminent route is the Foggy Peak to Castle Peak traverse, a high ridge-top tramp reaching almost 2000m at Castle Peak and making a fine winter outing in good conditions.
However, the region has regular and heavy winter snow falls, which often carry substantial avalanche risk. Easier tramps can be made onto nearby Lyndon Hill or into Broken River Hut on the park's northern boundary.


  • John Hayward Memorial Hut in the Kowai River, near the base of Porters Pass, makes a great day trip or weekend escape to explore the Torlesse Range. From here climbs can be made to The Gap, Castle Hill Peak, and Mt Torlesse
  • A round trip taking in Mt Torlesse, Junction Peak, Red Peak and the upper Kowai could be made in a long day from the hut It is also possible to cross the range to Broken River and the historic Avoca Homestead which is available for accommodation.

Reproduced from an article in Wilderness Magazine