Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) is one of New Zealand's most valuable nature reserves. Its Maori name Hauturu means 'resting place of the winds'. The island is a specially-protected nature reserve, where human impacts are kept to a minimum and extreme care is taken to keep the island free of introduced animals and plants.

Permits required

You need a permit to visit this thickly forested island that is home to over 350 native species of plants. It’s an incredible place to view wildlife.


It lies 80 km north of Auckland city on the outer edge of the Hauraki Gulf.


Main landing, Little Barrier Island

Little Barrier is one of the last remnants of primeval New Zealand; it is the only large forested area left in the country relatively undisturbed by browsing mammals. As such, it is an invaluable refuge for rare and endangered plants, birds and animals whose mainland habitats have been destroyed.