Track Details

  • Makaroro Roadend to Parks Peak Hut - 10.5km, 4-5hrs
  • Parks Peak Hut to Ruahine Corner Hut via Arangi Hut (private) - 21.3km, 8-10hrs 
  • Ruahine Corner Hut to Colenso Hut - 8.5km, 4-5hrs
  • Colenso Hut to Maropea Forks Hut - 11.7km, 5-6hrs
  • Maropea Forks Hut to Sunrise Hut - 16.5km, 8-10hrs
  • Sunrise Hut via Spparrowhawk trk to Makaroro Roadend - 15.7km, 6-8hrs

This fabulous 84km circuit of some of the northern Ruahines tops has it all. Rolling tussock tops, steep crumbling ridgelines, stream travel and tussock tablelands. Travel on the some of the recently maintained tracks was quick and easy while some of the unmaintained ridge routes were badly overgrown with lots of regrown.

Starting at the ford at the end of Makaroro road you cross the Makaroro river and have a steady climb thru the bush to the new Parks Peak Hut. From there you travel over rolling tops past Arangi Hut, over Piopio to SP1503 before turning NW towards Potae and up to tussock tablelands to Ruahine Corner Hut. From there you climb up thru the bluffs of Potae before dropping down to Mangatera river and travel down this to Colenso hut. Climb out Mangatera catchment and drop down to Unknown campsite before again climbing up past Puketaramea and dropping steeply down to new Maropea Forks hut. From the hut you have a climb up past Piringa and along the ridgeline to the Wakelings hut turnoff. There is no obvious intersection and travel from here to the bushline is hampered by lots of regrowth and a large slip. There are camping spots at the bushline with some water (late April) if you wish to split up this leg or conditions are unsuitable for open tops travel. From the bush line there is a reasonably well defined trail along the tops to Te Atuaoparapara with a few siddles around the broken tops. Then a steep descent off this before climbing back up to the tops above Sunrise hut and dropping down past Armstrong saddle to the Hut. Travel from here along the rounds tops to the Sparrowhawk Biv was slowed by poorly defined trails thru the leatherwood on the saddles. From the biv you have good track off the tops back to the roadend.

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Notes: We completed this circuit in late April 2015 so if you want some additional info contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.