We are fortunate that there is such a talented bunch of Joomla extension developers our there who are prepared to spend weeks developing some of the functionality used on this website. One of them is Dmitry Zhuk from Belarus who has developed the GoogleMaps Extension which this site is based around. This displays all of our Maps which render hundreds/thousands of placemarks. Having the ability to follow hyperlinks from each placemarks greatly enhances the functionality of the site for our users.

The ZH GoogleMap extension also now includes:

  • New - Dec 2020 - Display NZ Topo Maps ustilising the LINZ Base Topo Maps
  • New - Dec 2020 - Display NZ LINZ Aerial Maps.
  • Display .gpx file thats been converted to a kml file overlayed on the map.
  • New - Jan 2012. Added NZTopomap tab view so now can overlay NZtopomap with placemarks.

Thanks Dmitry!!