Rode this again to test out a new tool - Insta 360 X3. This pairs nicely with my helmet mounted Insta360 Go2 to provide great stabilised video for this video.

Trail Info

The Coppermine Trail is one of New Zealand’s most accessible alpine mountain bike rides, all the more memorable for its relatively easy up, exhilarating down, amazing rocky tops, sweet-smelling beech forest, and meandering river trail. From Nelson i-SITE the full loop is 43km, shortened to 38km if you start and finish at the Brook St trailhead (as described here), around 15 minutes’ ride from the centre of town.On an analog bike(non ebike) llow 4–6 hours, or a full day if you’re the sort of person who likes to linger over their lunch or photograph the odd rock. Those on ebikes can cruise around in 2.5 to 4hours in good conditions with time for breaks and pics. Further details check out: NZ Cycle Trails - The Coppermine Trail