How did we get to mountain biking in Reefton? Well the journey here was thanks to a bunch of friendly locals who are super keen to show us what their small town on the West Coast of the South Island is famous for. We go on a walking tour of Reefton with our hostel host from the Old Breadshop Backpackers, who introduces to a bunch of locals around town. One thing leads to another and we are having drinks at the Broadway Tearooms having a conversation with a guy who wants to show us one of the mountain biking trails in Reefton. We are in! Reefton boasts one of the best places for mountain biking in New Zealand with a huge range of trails close to the town. After picking up some bikes from the Reefton Sports Centre, we hit the Lookout Track. We make our way up this hill at the back of Reefton to a lookout and then do some downhill mountain biking on the Zigzag Track in Reefton. We downhill mountain bike all the way back to Reefton while crossing the Reefton swing bridge. Once we get back to our hostel, we are invited to go to a quiz night at the local pub.