This video we take a ride around the Great Lake Trail of Lake Taupo, NZ. We started at the Orakau car park and rode down to Kawakawa bay, then went along the K2K trail before we picked up the newest trail called Otaketake. Each of these 3 trails were about 9kms and we highly recommend doing it this way. There's heaps of different ways to take in the scenery so you really can't go wrong. We did pop into a bike shop before starting this ride for some info. There are multiple options regarding hiring a jet boat, or taking a shuttle bus from the start of one end, and riding it straight through. But we decided to do it our way, and just ride a loop back to the start carpark. Not at all trying to take business away from the bike shops offering the boat or the shuttle, really glad those options are out there. But this video does explain that to ride the loop, it's really not hard. The up hill sections are so nicely staggered and easy going. Ya can knock off this day ride in half a day easy if you are in a rush