Today we are checking out one of the land-based activities in Akaroa with Bicyclette in Akaroa. We’re going to be exploring Akaroa and the scenic countryside of the Banks Peninsula by bike! This Akaroa bike tour takes us from the quaint bay of Little Akaloa to Okains Bay, encapsulating some sensations scenery and history along the way. As all the bike trails in Akaroa and the bike trails in the Banks Peninsula have many many MANY hills, we don’t have to worry about that too much with these e-bikes. The Bicyclette e-bikes get over the gnarliest hills to the most stunning viewpoints along the cycle trails of Akaroa. On this Akaroa ebike tour, we get our own guide to give us the fascinating history of Maori, French and English settlers, as we travel the Banks Peninsula by ebike. We also learn about the natural history as we use these electric bikes in Akaroa over this volcanic landscape.