Track Details

  • Styx Road End to Grassy Flat Hut - 4.5-5hrs, 12km
  • Grassy Flats Hut to Mudflats Hut - 3-4hrs, 8km
  • Mudflats Hut to Lower Arahura Hut - 4.5-5hrs, 9km
  • Lower Arahura Hut to roadend - 2.5-3hrs, 9km

The Arahura/Styx Valleys are popular areas for hunting, tramping and kayaking, with the lower valleys of both rivers also popular for trout fishing. The low Styx Saddle connects the two valleys allowing round trips during the summer and autumn. Browning Pass/Noti Raureka at the head of the Arahura River gives access across the Main Divide to the Wilberforce River. It is also on the route of the Arthur's Pass: Three Passes Route from the Waimakariri River over the Harman Pass, Whitehorn Pass and Browning Pass/Noti Raureka to the Arahura headwaters.(Sourced from DoC website)

Doc Track Description