View east from summit of Iron Hill over  Lake Sylvester and out to the Arthur Range with e Marlborough Sounds in far distance

Track Details

  • Roadend to Sylvester Hut, 5km, 1.5-2hrs
  • Sylvester Hut to Ruby Lake, 9km, 4-5hrs
  • Ruby Lake to Fenella Hut, 8.5km, 5-6hrs
  • Fenella Hut to Roadend, 12.8km, 3.5-5hrs

The Lockett range's easy accessibility makes it a convenient extended long weekend trip along the tops above the Cobb valley. A good weather forecast is required to make for simpler navigation and to enjoy the fabulous views. It is possible to travel from Sylvester to Fenella huts in 8-10hrs if you are good at route finding and fit, otherwise I would recommend camping on the tops. The route on the map displays camping at Ruby Lake. The biggest problem is getting back to the car so either have two vehicles, a key swap, party member moving  the car or an 8.5km road bash.

Image Gallery: Oct 2017 Lockett Range Traverse