Track Details

  • Roadend to Waingaro Forks Hut:  6hrs,16.5km
  • Waingaro Forks Hut to Anatoki Forks Hut: 7-10hrs, 16km
  • Anatoki Forks Hut to Adelaide Tarn Hut: 5-6hrs, 6km
  • Adelaide Tarn Hut to Lonely Lake hut via Anatoki river: 5-7hrs, 8km
  • Lonely Lake hut to Fenella Hut: 6-8hrs, 11km
  • Fenella hut to Ruby Lake Campsite: 7km.
  • Ruby Lake Campsite to Sylvester Hut: 7km
  • Sylvester Hut to Roadend: 5km

With the Douglas Range reputedly having the most spectacular tramping in Kahurangi National park this route has it all from river valleys to long tops traverses. This 75km route ascends the Waingaro & Stanley rivers before climbing up to Adelaide Tarn and then traversing south down the Douglas and Lockett ranges to the Cobb Dam. This route is suitable for trampers with a high degree of of-track experience and fitness.

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