Track Details

  • St Arnaud to Lakehead Hut: 3 hr, 9.1km
  • Lakehead Hut to John Tait Hut: 5hrs, 13.3km
  • John Tait Hut to Upper Travers Hut: 3hrs, 5.9km
  • Upper Travers to West Sabine Hut: 6-9hrs, 7.6km
  • West Sabine Hut to Sabine Hut: 5hrs, 13.9km
  • Sabine Hut to St Arnaud via Speargrass Hut: 8hrs, 22.7km
  • Sabine Hut to Angelus via Cedric: 6hrs, 6.7km
  • Angelus Hut to St Arnaud via Roberts Ridge: 6hrs, 12.2km
  • Angelus Hut to St Arnaud via Speargrass Hut: 6hrs, 11.2km

The 80 km Travers–Sabine Circuit reaches deep into the heart of the mountains of Nelson Lakes National Park. Tranquil beech forests, fields of waving tussocks, 2000 metre-high mountains and clear rushing streams are highlights of the journey.

The circuit requires 4–7 days to complete and involves a crossing of Travers Saddle, an alpine pass subject to freezing conditions at any time of year. There are a number of additional extensions, one of the most popular is spending a night at Angelus hut.

Most of the track is classified as a tramping track. It is well marked and although most rivers and streams are bridged, after heavy rain there are a number of streams which may not be safe to cross. Sturdy boots and a good standard of fitness are recommended and warm, waterproof clothing is essential.

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