Track Details - South to North

  • Rolling River to Kings Creek Hut: 3.5hrs, 11.4km
  • Kings Creek Hut to Stone Hut, 2.5hrs, 8.3 km
  • Stone Hut to Helicopter Flat Hut, 4hrs, 10.4 km
  • Helicopter Flat Hut to Trevor Carter Hut: 1.5hrs, 5km
  • Trevor Carter to Thor Hut: 3.5hrs, 9.5km
  • Thor Hut to Venus Hut: 2hrs, 5.7km
  • Venus Hut to Crow Hut: 2hrs, 5.9km
  • Crow Hut to Karamea Bend Hut: 3.5hrs, 9.7km
  • Karamea Bend Hut to Salisbury Lodge: 6hrs, 18km
  • Salisbury Lodge to Flora Carpark: 4.5hrs, 13.2km

The Leslie-Karamea Track is one of the region's premier semi-wilderness experiences, situated in the middle of Kahurangi National Park. It is a 3-4 day link through the earthquake-torn Karamea Valley, between Flora car park and the Wangapeka Track; 6-9 days are needed to get from road end to road end. The Leslie-Karamea is classified as a tramping track. It is marked but not benched, and quite rough in places. Many of the streams along the track are not bridged and flood-prone. Strong footwear, backcountry experience and a good level of fitness are required for any trip into this area.

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  • 2006 Aug: Rolling River walking up the Wangapaka and over the Wangapaka saddle dropping down and following the Karamea to Karamea bend. Up the Leslie river and climbing up onto the Tablelands and out.
  • 2017 Aug: Same as above
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