Track Details

  • Roadend to Bog Inn Hut - 3.5 hrs, 12.5km
  • Bog Inn Hut to Waihaha Hut - 8.5hrs, 16km
  • Waihaha hut to Hauhungaroa Hut - 7hrs, 11km
  • Hauhungaroa Hut to Mangakahu Rd - 2.5hrs, 5.5km

This 45 km track traverses the Hauhungaroa Range from Link Rd to Mangakahu Valley Rd. Initially you follow the Mt Pureora Track to Mt Pureora before dropping down a southern ridge of the mountain to Bog Inn Hut (3 hr 30 min). After skirting the Bog climb the ridge to Mt Weraroa (3 hr), turn east and drop steeply to the Waihora Track (1 hr 30 min). The track continues onto the Waihaha Hut (4 hr). Continue upstream from the Waihaha Hut on the true left of the Waihaha River. Just to the south of Te Awaiti Stream the track turns southwest and climbs the ridge onto the crest of the Hauhungaroa Range. Follow the crest south and the track continues to the Hauhungaroa Hut (7 hr from Waihaha Hut). From the Hauhungaroa Hut continue following the crest south past Mt Motere before dropping down to the head of the Mangakahu Valley and the road end (2 hr 30 min).

(Sourced from DoC website)

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